Taklinn of Ungard




Taklinn of Ungard
Long thick black hair, long black beard and mustache, green eyes, 4’3" and 150lb of beefy sexy muscle, from years of training… Scar across left side of his face, covering nose and reaching past left eye brow. Pierced ears, small looped ear rings. Light brown skin.

I was the youngest of seven brothers. With no room at the forge, I enlisted in the military to gain honor for my Clan’s name. I progressed quickly through the ranks, becoming the Lieutenant of a task force that dealt with foreign affairs. My team was my family…

After many years together, corruption was starting to spread throughout our government. My Clan was being hunted down and a plot was planned to have me killed on the next mission. Luckily, we found out before the plan could be carried out, but my team had to sacrificed themselves in order to get me out of Mount Ucohl.

I escaped on a Mercenary Ship that eventually became my new home. i grew close to the crew mates and captain. We explored the sea and went on countless adventures. I was starting to feel like I really had a new family…. Until one day blood-lust pirates murdered my captain and crew mates, plundered our ship, and left me to die. Or so they thought..

The shipped stilled sailed, and I drifted ashore this little down. I’ve been here ever since, working as a local blacksmith (with no real skill might I add) , and drinking the bar owner rich. Really though, I’m waiting.. waiting for a group looking for adventures… waiting for a family.

One of my old clients, Gundren Rockseeker, is looking for an escort to Phandalin. His last request has me fitting a horse shoe for a Pegasus that only flew and never stood still. I hope the wind blows someone new into town that can help.

Taklinn of Ungard

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