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Session #1

Session #1: Gundren Rockseeker's Request

  • Gundren Rockseeker (Dwarf) asked party to escort supplies to Phandalin — Approximately 10 miles south east of Neverwinter. He was a companioned by a knight names Syldar. They  went ahead of party’s supply cart, as Syldar insisted that they arrive sooner to, “deal with some business” Party was ambushed by 4 goblins while traveling along Trantrail

    • Reward: 50 exp

  • Arrived at Phandalin:

    • City – Phandalin

    • NPC: Lineen Greywind – shop keeper.

    • NPC: Elmar Barthon – shop keeper.
  • Delivered goods to Elmar Barthon (shop keeper).

    • Reward: 10g for escorting supplies
    • Reward: 25 exp.
  • Received news of Goblin Strong Hold near Trantrail from Lyndeen Greywind (shop keeper).
  • Arrived at Goblin Strong Hold.

    • Faenor and Kalas trapped and questioned 2 goblins. Seemingly befriending Gragnor the goblin.
    • Learned: Syldar is still in strong hold, and that a dwarf (Gundren) was seen being taken away by a group of other goblins.
    • Enemies: Less than 20 goblins and Klarg the Bugbear in cave
    • Location: Cragmaw Castle – 20mi north east of hide/strong hold.
    • NPC: King Grewl of Cragmaw Castle – Told by the Black Spider paid them to watch out for a dwarf (Gundren) and bring him to her.
    • We entered the cave as a party. Volos and Nessa used their stealth to sneak into the cave, and Kalas tamed voracious wolves. Volos attempted to climb up a fissure, but lost his sight and fell. In an attempt to save Volos, Faenor shot an arrow at him. Taklinn took a crack at climbing up the fissure. After climbing up the rocks, the group found themselves face-to-face with Klarg the Bugbear.

      • Fought and defeated Klarg the Bugbear, beloved pet wolf, goblins (2).
      • Reward: 70 exp.
    • 10 or 15? exp for being there (IRL)
    • 40 exp for pre-game items
    • Background bio
    • Background with Gundren
    • Character sheet
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