Abandoned as an infant, Nessa was left in the care of a community of forest gnomes. They raised her well, as if she were one of their own but more than likely they were afraid of her human size and what she could do to them. They tried to teach her the gnome ways but all Nessa took away was how to steal and drink excessively. She never felt at home or understood. This was exacerbated in a terrible incident at the age of 5. After waking from a terrible nightmare, she discovered the ground shaking beneath her. As she grew more and more frightened, the shaking became worse and worse. She knew she had caused this but was unaware as to how and why. Incidents such as this, or randomly freezing things into blocks of ice continued to occur. To avoid showing her community, she began to wander the forest finding other gnome communities to steal from. Through her days of wandering and stealing she often thought of where she came from, why she was left, and where her abilities came from. As she grew, her powers became stronger and at the age of 19 left her community in hopes to discover some answers.

RE: Gundren Rockseeker
After a year of wandering, stealing, unintentionally freezing more shit , and causing unnecessary damage with my unwieldy powers, I came to a town called Bredon. The night I arrived was rainy; I was wet and hungry. I was able to easily steal food and alcohol from a busy tavern without being noticed. Properly fed and drunk, I now needed a dry pair of clothes. I saw a man who appeared to have a surplus of clothing and goods stored in a covered wagon. I went to steal a shirt and breeches but due to my inebriation caused a racket of noise. Before I knew it, Gundren had me pinned to the ground, a cool steal blade pressed firmly to my throat. After a brief exchange Gundren made me a deal, he wouldn’t press charges against me if I escorted a wagon to a place named Phandalin.


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