A gifted, short-tempered monk, on a quest for vengeance...




An orphaned child, left in the care of one of the few monasteries in Shou, grew up as a Monk of the “Way of the Open Hand”. Though often raised to be a peaceful philosophers trained in martial arts as a form of self discipline, Yuuto ("to bravely soar), was never quite the embodiment of such teachings. Brazen and impetuous, his curiosity for the outside world and a deeper purpose made him stand out from his fraternity.

A prodigy among his peers, he excelled in his martial arts like none before him. So much so he was sought to become the Grand Master someday. Then one day, Grand Master Ougway was killed. Believed to assassinated by the rival Way of Shadow clan, in order to keep the special Quivering Palm technique from being passed on from the only one who knew it.

Despite his peaceful upbringing, rage filled his heart. Against the elders’ teachings, he left the monastery to seek out his master’s killer.

Since then he has been wandering solo. Though doing good deeds when he can, his ultimate goal still drives him forward.


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